Brits share their patchy sunburns after wearing ripped jeans in 30C heatwave

Brits have been enjoying the recent heatwave that has allowed them to bask in high temperatures akin to those seen on the Azores islands of Portugal.

But others have miserably failed in their attempt to get an even tan – particularly ripped jeans wearers who have been left with spaghetti marks all over their legs.

Taking to social media, Brits shared the bright red marks they’ve been left with after failing to wear either sun screen or the right clothing in the scorching heatwave this week.

One person wrote on Twitter : “Went out in ripped jeans, I have sunburn in the places where it’s ripped.

“Had my glasses on all day n now have tan lines where they were.”

They added: “I look ridiculous.”

Another Tweeter mocked themselves as they said: “It’s hard to hide how freaking cool you really are when you have a sunburn in the shape of the holes in your ripped up jeans.”

While one Reddit user seemed to seek the sympathy of fellow sunburnt Brits as they shared a picture of their lobster red skin and said: “I became a victim to getting a sunburn in ripped jeans today…”

But another person hit back by asking: “Are you really a victim if you dressed yourself?”

Britain basked in the year’s highest temperatures on Monday with the mercury set to rise even further on Wednesday.

Beaches and parks were packed with sunseekers as a peak of 29.7C was recorded in Teddington, West London.

But the sunny skies look set to change in the next few days as the Met Office issued a yellow weather warning until 6am on Friday for thunderstorms in most of England and half of Wales.

Met Office expert Oli Claydon expects a 10C fall by the weekend, bringing temperatures back to average for June.

He said: “There’s a chance of 30C on Wednesday then temperatures will drop off.”

Pictures of Brits being left with sunburns in the past few days prompted experts to remind people of the importance of wearing sun protection to safeguard their health.

Besides protecting you from sunburns, sun cream is essential in the fight against skin cancer and you need to wear it correctly to prevent catching harmful ultraviolet rays.

Experts have advised seeking shade in the sun, wearing protective clothing and applying water-resistant sun cream with an SPF of 30 or higher.

And because sun cream wears off after about two hours, if you spend longer in the sun you should make sure to reapply it multiple times per day.

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