Couple who fell in love at McDonald’s celebrate wedding with drive-thru

A newlywed couple who fell in love on dates at McDonald’s celebrated their wedding with a drive-thru photoshoot.

Sara Youssif, 25, and Abz Salama, 27, were told no “honeymoon special” was available on the day.

The couple from Greenwich, London, decided to enjoy some fast food after their nuptials after joking about how McDonald’s made them bond.

Snaps show the loved-up couple grinning in their wedding outfits at the drive-thru in a white vintage Rolls Royce and being handed food through the kiosk window.

The fun shots were snapped after the ceremony on May 31 by wedding photographer Jake Owens at the Finchley Lido branch of McDonald’s in Barnet, London.

Despite comments from friends that McDonald’s wasn’t “elegant”, Sara, a history teacher, said that she was more than happy with how the day turned out.

Staff congratulated the couple, but Sara and Abz claim when they asked if there was a honeymoon special or anything special they could do for them, they were told “no”, with employees saying it was the first bride they had had in.

McDonald’s said they would love to welcome Sara and Abz back for a free meal.

Sara said: “It all worked out well, we were very chilled on the day, and we did what we felt like doing. And we felt like going to McDonald’s.

“The drive-thru staff were surprised to see us – they were smiling, but surprised. I did ask if they had something they could do for us, but they said no.

“So we did ask if there was a honeymoon special. They did say I was the first bride, and we did get a lot of congratulations from people who were passing by.

“We’ve always talked about the McDonald’s thing, even on our second date, I was like ‘just take me to McDonald’s’.

“I didn’t get a meal on the wedding day – just a coke and I took a few chips. But in normal times, I would get a quarter pounder, coke with ice and twenty nuggets to share – and double cheeseburgers on the side.”

Abz said: “Before we even got married, when we were dating, we used to always say ‘you know what would be good? After our wedding, after all the nerves have calmed down, we just have a McDonald’s drive through’.

“We both love McDonald’s, as funny as that sounds. After the wedding took place, we just said ‘Let’s do it. Why not?’.

“We’d always joked about it but when the day actually came, we thought we’d do it. It was good though – I was really hungry. I got a sweet chilli chicken wrap, can’t go wrong.

“Our family got a lot of laughs out of it. I remember when we got out of the wedding car at the reception, my uncle saw me carrying the empty bag, he said ‘You’re kidding’.”

The couple have been together for over eight years, and the wedding itself came after much delay.

Abz said they had originally planned to get married in August last year, but they had to reschedule their big day four times due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Sara said: “It put the focus more on what mattered, which is the fact that we were getting married and we had our families with us.

“And we had McDonald’s with us. What more could you want? We had everything we needed.”

Jake Owens, 27, the wedding photographer, said the photos were something that he enjoyed creating.

Jake said: “We’d actually just finished up taking the couple’s official portraits in Hampstead, when the idea of stopping in a drive through was brought up.

“It was a hot day, and we were all hoping to get a cold drink, I think. As we sat behind them in the queue I thought, I best jump out and grab a few frames here.

“I can’t remember ever doing a wedding shoot at an eatery, but I’ve always wanted to do some wedding photos at an American-style diner though. Something about that Americana, cool vibe really appeals to me.”

The wedding photographer, from Balham, Wandsworth, said the shots’ unique style was something he appreciated.

Jake said: “As a business, myself and my business partner Tim are always looking to take wedding shots that stand out, and aren’t traditionally ‘wedding-y’ where we can.

“So the idea to grab some photos as we went through the drive through at McDonald’s seemed like a good, if somewhat silly idea.

“I tweeted out the pictures to McDonald’s. As with most things I tweet, I’m usually trying to be funny.

“Although, the subtext was that I was sort of hoping that McDonald’s might offer to give us a voucher for a happy meal or something. You have to be in it to win it.”

A McDonald’s spokesperson said: “It’s such an honour to be a part of this couples special day, and we want to wish them many years of marital bliss.

“Whilst we do not have a honeymoon special on offer, we would love to see them back at the restaurant for a meal on us to celebrate their nuptials.”

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